Launching the Site

Launching the Site

A few weeks ago, I found an opportunity to put together a proof-of-concept application in parallel with one of the projects we were completing at work. As I examined the project, I realized that I wouldn't be able to get by with a single access point: the system needed an email server, a client-facing web-interface, an API interface, and HTTPS on top of all the rest. I couldn't justify the time-investment in configuring an email server and running it for an entire year for an 8-week project, and so I settled on a domain that wouldn't outlive its purpose:

Not long after I put this site up, a friend of mine needed someone to help him refresh his knowledge on some topics that straddle the line between computer science and software development. I figure I've got this site for at least a year; I may as well take some time to publish a few articles to showcase some skills and hopefully help a few people out along the way.

So here we are. I'll be spending time periodically publishing articles here at my convenience to discuss computer science and software development. Welcome to my blog.


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